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Fiesta Nights

PUBLISHED: 15-Sep-2022

Limited Edition - 90 days

Party, celebrate, and dance the night away!

From Cupcakes with Carlos to Valentina’s liar, this collection brings the heat.

Dance with fate, celebrate culture, and fall in love with traditions. Chefs, coaches, tequila distributors—Fiesta Nights incorporates your favorite tropes with characters from all around the globe.

If you love Alexis Daria’s bilingual characters or the Latin flair of Priscilla Olivera, Fiesta Nights will rock your world.

Don’t miss the beat! One-click today.

Contributions from:

Zaria Knight, USA Today & International Bestselling Author
Ashley Zakrzewski, USA Today & International Bestselling Author
Amy Stephens, USA Today & International Bestselling Author
Jennifer M. Miller, USA Today & International Bestselling Author
J. P. Uvalle, International Bestselling Author
Andi MacDowall
Cara North
Ida Duque
A.M. Roark
Lynn Yorke
Thetta James
D. C. Gomez
Imani Jay
Crimson Syn
Carla Luna
Gloria Lucas

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Contemporary Romance Anthology
All your favorite romance tropes!
All Hispanic / Latinx Main Characters


After release, it will only be available for NINETY days, so make sure to order ASAP!


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