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One year has passed since Mia's husband, Austin, completed suicide. Everyone promised she would find a new normal. And yet, she finds herself haunted by her past while doing her best to be present for her son, Isaiah.

Austin's loss fills all the empty spaces in their home. Mia is accompanied by loneliness even when she isn't alone. And so, when she meets Sean, a man she quickly connects with, guilt accompanies desire.

Praise for How Deep the Ocean

"Powerful tearjerker because it is right on point for what is portrayed here. This book tells the tale of grief to perfection."

N. N. Light

How Deep the Ocean BR.jpg

"Wow. Excellent read. A complete book with some tear jerkers . You’ll enjoy this novel."

Amazon Review

"This was a wonderful, moving novel."

Lota Erinne, Tessera Editorial (editor)

"I really loved the story...and how Mia found more healing while still in the journey. I loved the flaws of the characters and how real they were.
Your realistic portrayal of grief, especially after suicide, is incredible and moving."

Whitney Morsillo, author of Fate's Rebellion and editor

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