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Dry Roses and Diary

Short Stories

The Man Who Turned into a Mountain

"Paul was turning into stone. He did not notice the curious metamorphosis until the day he lifted his leg to step over a log and found that he could not." 

In this short story, Gloria Lucas explores a most unusual path to healing after loss. 

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Beautiful Landscape

Sink or Swim

Entry into Flash Micro Story Contest.

In less than 100 words, this story shows one woman's fight against her abusive husband.

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Hand in Water

False Teeth and Bifocals

Luke works in an assisted living community that specializes in caring for those with dementia. A new resident quickly strikes up a friendship with him. But as her health declines, he must face the inevitable.

This short story explores the bittersweet moments of end-of-life care. 

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Senior Portrait

Manuela's Gift

Manuela can see the dead. This might not have been as large of a problem if she could tell them apart from the living. When a handsome new stranger comes into town, she's determined to keep this secret from him. 

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Image by Holly Mandarich
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